Qwizzeria Daily #657

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1. Name this dried edible seaweed used mainly in Japanese cuisine to wrap sushi and onigiri, or as a garnish, or eaten as a snack.

2. According to the Middle Ages legend, which titular character from the town in Lower Saxony, Germany, was hired to lure rats away? This folklore suggests that he was a symbol of hope during the time of the plague.

3. Portrayed by Jim Carey in the 2020 film adaptation, which fictional hero’s arch-enemy is Dr Ivo Robotnik, also known as Eggman?

4. Derived from the Latin word campana, Campanology is the study of which large percussion instrument? A person engaged in this musical activity is called a campanologist.

5. In 2020, Alex Padilla was chosen to fill the vacated California Senate seat, becoming the first Latino senator in California’s history. Who had occupied this post before Alex Padilla? (PIC)


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