Qwizzeria Daily #656

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1. The 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was a gang war fought between arch-rivals Bugs Moran and which other gangster in Chicago?

2. This French department store chain was founded in 1865, and in 1881 it became the first in France to use electric lighting. The stores focus on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and men’s wear. By what nine-letter seasonal name is it known?

3. Pysanka, the name given to the art of painting Easter eggs, originated in which European country?

4. Battle of Kasserine Pass was a WW II battle in Africa between the USA and Axis Powers. It took place in 1943 in the Kasserine Pass. The battle was won by the Axis powers. In which African country did the battle take place?

5. Which colour forms the first part of this sunbird that primarily feeds on nectar, with the occasional helping of insects. (PIC)

Image – Rejaul karim.rk


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