Qwizzeria Daily #644

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1. Founded in 268 BC, which Italian city sprawling along the Adriatic Sea was given the Roman name Ariminum?

2. Sharing the name with that of the climate change activist (first name), what one word is the title of a 2018 movie? The French actress Isabelle Huppert plays the title role.

3. In June 1692, Bridget Bishop was hanged in the colony of Massachusetts, the first victim of a trial that took place in Salem. For what reason were she and a few others sentenced to death?

4. What strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest was invented in 1957 by Albert Lamorisse, a French filmmaker, depicting a world’s political map, divided into forty-two territories?

5. Marc Garneau is a current Member of Parliament and the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs of which country? In the 1980s, he made history by becoming the first person from his country to be in space. (PIC)



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