Qwizzeria Daily #642

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1. Which town in Pennsylvania, called Derry Church initially, was renamed in 1906 due to the growing popularity of the chocolate manufacturer headquartered there?

2. A few nations use parrots as a national symbol. What Caribbean island country has a parrot in its flag and two parrots on their coat of arms?

3. This country introduced a one-child policy in 1980, a policy later blamed for the ageing workforce and gender imbalance. Which country eased its one-child policy from 2013 onwards?

4. December 21, 2012, was hyped up for a long time as being a veritable “end of days” for either Earth or, at the very least, human civilisation, as the last day of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. What culture is known to have used this calendar extensively?

5. Roy Pomeroy won an Academy Award for Engineering Effects at the first Academy Awards. For which silent war film? (PIC)


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