Qwizzeria Daily #639

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Good luck!


1. What was the first asteroid to be discovered, and is the largest object in the main asteroid belt? It lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

2. The Hindu deity Ganesha, commonly depicted with the elephant head, is often shown riding on what kind of animal? Interestingly, this animal represented the year 2020 on the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

3. In Dec 2019, the President of Greece signed the official papers of this two-time Oscar winner, marking the honorary naturalization and thus making him a Greek citizen. The reports also revealed that Jeffrey happens to be his middle name. Who?

4. Named after a Danish, August Bournonville, the Bournonville method is one of the technical methods of instruction of what performing art?

5. Name this German-born soprano, who became popular internationally renowned for singing and giving masterclasses. (PIC)


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