Qwizzeria Daily #632

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Good luck!


1. In the 1950s, Panama disease attacked the “Gros Michel” variety of what fruit?

2. With The Suicide Squad reaching #1, Sylvester Stallone has now had a #1 film at the box office in six consecutive decades, starting with which 1970s movie?

3. In June 2021, a prototype vehicle took 35 minutes to travel between international airports in Slovakia. It runs on regular petrol, and BMW supplied the engine. Why did this vehicle make headlines?

4. Nicknamed the Bomber, Gerd Müller scored the winning goal for West Germany in 1974 and played the bulk of his club football with which German club?

5. Known initially as Zenigame, what English name was given to this Pokémon character, derived from combining a term for liquid ejection and the animal type? (PIC)


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