Qwizzeria Daily #627

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Good luck!


1. Along with Benjamin Franklin, who else appeared on the USA’s first postage stamps in 1847?

2. In honour of his 75th birth anniversary, a statue of which composer was created in Germany in Bonn, the first such honour for a composer in Germany. Which composer?

3. Thrilling Cities is a 1963 travelogue by what British author and The Sunday Times journalist, the first English-language writer to have an international airport named after him?

4. This 2018 movie adapted from a novel was a sort of a sequel to the 2011 movie. In 2011, Rooney Mara played the title role; in 2018, it was Claire Foy. What character did they both play?

5. What French composer wrote twelve operas in his lifetime that includes the popular ones such as Sapho (1851), Faust (1859), Roméo et Juliette (1867)? PIC


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