Qwizzeria Daily #615

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Good luck!


1. This German cake is famous in Japan and is a popular return gift for wedding guests because of its ring shape. Name this cake that literally takes its name because it resembles trees’ rings.

2. Which is the smallest ever country to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in population terms? They participated in the 2018 tournament in Russia.

3. Under which name did Madeleine Wickham write the Shopaholic series? In 2009 a movie based on the books, called “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, was made.

4. Which car brand gets its name from a god worshipped by the Parsis (Persians) known as Ahura _____, the Zoroastrian god of reason and intelligence?

5. Later, he went on to star in Boston Legal, and in the last few years on NBC’s crime thriller The Blacklist, who played Jason Hanky, a childhood friend of George? (picture)


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