Qwizzeria Daily #612

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Good luck!


1. Which ancient Greek mathematician, known as ‘The Father of Geometry’, wrote the hugely influential book Elements that played a huge role in European mathematics until the 19th century?

2. Most traditional orchestras have four primary families of instruments. Three of them are the strings like the violin and cello, percussion with the drums and cymbals, and brass with the horn, trumpet, and tuba. Which is the fourth?

3. Inna Deriglazova, Yana Egorina, and Emese Szasz are a few champions in what sport? It seems perfect during the COVID-19 crisis.

4. Cimicosis is the medical name given to the condition of having been bitten by hemipterans from the genus Cimex. Feeding on human blood, usually at night, these insects are better-known by what two-word name?

5. By what professional name do we know the American entertainer Arthur Andrew Gelien, popular in the 1950s and 1960s? In his 2005 memoir, he officially came out as gay that confirmed rumours in circulation since the 1950s. (PIC)


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