Qwizzeria Daily #607

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Good luck!


1. In June 2020, the value of which brand lost $4bn (£2.86bn) after Cristiano Ronaldo snubbed it for water?

2. The movie franchise released its eighth film in 2021, with the subtitle The Devil Made Me Do It? The franchise centres on the supposed real-life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, and authors.

3. What unit of measurement is also a term used in poetry that describes a systematically arranged and measured rhythm?

4. Newton MessagePad, released in 1993, gave rise to the term personal digital assistant (PDA). Which tech company headed by the then CEO John Sculley coin the term personal digital assistant?

5. What American playwright and screenwriter won four Pulitzer Prizes, three in drama and one under drama categories? (PIC)


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