Qwizzeria Daily #601

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1. In the first storyboard draft for Pixar’s film Cars, the main character, a race car named Lightning McQueen, would have number 57 as his racing number, about director John Lasseter’s birthdate, January 12, 1957. But in the final cut, what was the Lightning’s racing number changed to?

2. It wasn’t pandemic! The entire 2004-2005 season in which American League was cancelled in a Labour dispute? This was the first time an entire season of a major North American sports league had been cancelled in this fashion.

3. The White Ernz is a river following through which European country? The river valley is home to the 14th-century castle Larochette Castle.

4. The month of Quintilis was renamed into what present-day name, taken after a Roman ruler?

5. What English composer’s debut score was the 1982 movie Privileged? The movie is notable for being the screen debut of Hugh Grant. (PIC)


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