Qwizzeria Daily #597

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1. On 01 July 2021, the Communist party of which country marked its 100th birthday and has consistently called itself “great, glorious and correct.”

2. The dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park are from the cretaceous period. What geological period comes before the cretaceous period?

3. Anna Valerious is a native of Transylvania and descendant of Valerious The Elder, daughter of King Boris Valerious. In what 2004 movie does Kate Beckinsale play the role of Anna Valerious?

4. The Rugby World Cup has been played since 1987. Which was the first Rugby World Cup to be played entirely in one country? Either name the edition or the country where it took place.

5. The cast of which 1987 fantasy movie reunited in Sep 2020 to perform a table read in support of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin? Josh Gad read the lines for the late Andre the Giant. – PIC


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