Qwizzeria Daily #595

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Good luck!


1. What rodent gets its English name from Middle High German word, and the origins are Persian, meaning ‘oppressor’?  

2. In comics, Jonah Jameson is the newspaper editor working for the newspaper the Daily Bugle. Which fictional superhero from Queens, NY City, has close ties with the newspaper?

3. Invented by an Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, what device used to make a beverage was named and marketed after a Yemeni city?

4. The construction firm SBG’s internet domain name was registered on Sep 11, 2000, for one year; after its expiration on Sep 11, 2001, the domain was not renewed and was later acquired by a third party. Which construction firm?

5. This type of moss (flowerless plant) grows in the wetlands and has many names such as common haircap, common hair moss, etc. One such name is derived from the bright yellow colour, referring to a fairy tale character from the 19th century. Name the character. – PIC


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