Qwizzeria Daily #594

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1. What solar system body was sighted in 1758 by a German farmer and an amateur astronomer, Johann Georg Palitzsch, thereby confirming the periodicity of this solar system body as predicted by an English astronomer after whom it is named?

2. Which Noble Prize in Literature winner also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Things Have Changed from the 2000 movie Wonder Boys?

3. A verificationist definition of ‘meaning’ was proposed by A. J. Ayer, who was a member of a “circle” of philosophers in what European city?

4. Ketel One is named after the coal-fired copper still used to distil it (from the Dutch word for Pot still); Ketel One is a Dutch brand of which spirit, introduced first in 1691?

5. The first novel was published in 1989. It was followed up by To Play the King (1992) and The Final Cut (1994). In 1990, the first novel was turned into a UK TV mini-series and later in the 2010s, Netflix adapted this. What TV series/novel? – PIC


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