Qwizzeria Daily #591

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1. Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, suffers from “Goldfield’s Syndrome”, similar to short term memory loss. When this syndrome was used in a movie, many googled to check if it was an actual or a fake syndrome. In what 2000s movie would you come across this fictitious term?

2. The dog breed is known worldwide as the German Shepherd was known as what, beginning around WWI, in the UK and Ireland? The name refers to an area on the France-Germany border, was used to avoid harming the breed’s popularity via the word German.

3. In this two-player game, each player uses two dice in an attempt to move fifteen pieces (or checkers) off the board via twenty-four triangular points. What game?

4. Which military rank is etymologically derived from the Arabic ‘Amir-al-Bahr’, which literally translates to Ruler of the sea?

5. In 2020, a collage was released to celebrate the 90 years of the first FIFA World Cup. Which country hosted the first edition? (PIC)


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