Qwizzeria Daily #576

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Good luck!


1. Name this small kingdom that existed (511-751) in the western part of the Kingdom of the Franks. It also gives its name to a march created by the Carolingian kings to fight against Bretons and Vikings.

2. The first with this Papal name succeeded Pope John III  as the 62nd pope. A pope with the same papal name (15th) served from Sep 1914 to January 1922, including World War I. What Papal name?

3. In 2015, which Indian multinational group acquired the Italian car design firm Pininfarina S.p.A.?

4. This 2019 movie focuses on the near all-powerful Jean Gray, played by Sophie Turner. What is her superhero name?

5. Before the current flag (in use since the early 1960s), which island nation used this flag briefly? (PIC)


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