Qwizzeria Daily #564

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1. This Lego theme was introduced in 2011 and is based on a group of teenage warriors and their battles against the forces of evil. A 2017 movie on this theme became the first theatrical film to be based on an actual Lego property. What theme? Ninjago

2. The Elgin Marbles have been part of the collection at the British Museum since the 19th century. These marbles were removed and transported by sea from which country? Greece

3. Formerly this city was known as Mzizima; it gets its present name from the Arabic meaning ‘the house of peace’. Located on the Swahili coast, which South-eastern African city is this? Dar es Salaam

4. This book was part of ‘Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books’ and part of Mark Zuckerberg’s Year in Books in 2015. Which apocalyptic sci-fi novel by Liu Cixin is this? The Three-Body Problem

5. This was taken in 1943; this photo has all the actors and actresses such as Katherine Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr seated alongside the studio head. Name this movie company that exists to this day? MGM Studios (PIC)


25 November 2021 @ 19.00 (CET) – Trivia Thursdays.  More details here

28 November 2021 @ 19.00 (CET) – The Sunday Pub Quiz. More details here

30 November 2021 @ 20.30 (CET) – The Qwizz Hour #83 – Six rounds, six connections – it’s free, and it’s online. More details here – Online Link to play the quiz

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