Qwizzeria Daily #480

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1. Which character in an iconic series is from Rahmatpur, West Bengal, graduated first in his class of seven million at Caltech — Calcutta Technical Institute — and then went on to earn his doctorate in a university named SHIT?

2. Founded in 1951 by the Treaty of Paris, the European Coal and Steel Community was a forerunner to which regional organisation that was formed in Europe in 1957? It is now known as European Union. By what name was it known when it was created.

3. Located close to the equator, identify this island nation located in the Gulf of Guinea, off the West coast of mainland Africa, comprising two main islands, one named after Saint Thomas, the apostle.

4. Aksai Chin is a disputed border area (covering 37,244 square kilometres) between what two Asian countries? It has a vast high-altitude desert with a low point about 4,300 m above sea level.

5. Derived from the Greek meaning pouched bear, the Phascolarctidea are a family of marsupials consisting of only one extant species. What is that?


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