Qwizzeria Daily #468

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Good luck!


1. When it was completed in 2004, what circuit (or the Grand Prix name) was the most expensive Formula One circuit facility, costing US$240 million until Abu Dhabi became the most expensive track at $6 billion in 2009?

2. Shortly before his ninth birthday, who became King of France and Navarre after his father Henry IV was assassinated? He reigned from 1610 to 1643.

3. For a brief time, she was engaged to a chemical engineer named Samuel Chapman but called it off in 1928. She married George P. Putnam in 1931 after he proposed to her six times. Who?

4. Which Australian state is its smallest mainland state and happens to be the second-most populous state?

5. Whose role is Meryl Streep playing in the 2017 movie The Post? (PIC)


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