Qwizzeria Daily #465

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1. The Ninety-Nines: International Organisation of Women Pilots, aka the 99s, is an international organisation formed in 1929 in NY to help female pilots. Which aviation pioneer was instrumental in the formation of this organisation?

2. What country will you find east of the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico), south of Florida, west of Haiti and north of Jamaica and Cayman Islands?

3. The Sugar cubes were an alternative rock band formed in 1986, and six years later, they disbanded. They are credited to be the first and most famous band from what country to have international success?

4. What character has its origins from a South American country first appeared in 1958 in the children’s book written by Michael Bond and was adapted into a 2014 live-action animated movie?

5. Name this Nobel Prize-winning author, the first African (though not of African origin) born to win the prize. (PIC)


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