Qwizzeria Daily #464

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1. In 1862, Ludwig von Köchel succeeded in producing a chronological catalogue (Köchel Verzeichnis) of the comprehensive listing of the compositions of which composer?

2. Which Italian poet was instrumental in establishing the Italian literature, and his 14th-century depictions of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven inspired much Western art?

3. Plan B is an American production company formed in 2001 founded by Brad Grey, Jennifer Aniston, and which other person? The person in question is now the sole owner of the company.

4. A Time for Choosing was a speech presented during the 1964 US presidential election by what future US president on behalf of the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater?

5. Alexandra Elbakyan is a computer programmer who is the creator of what site provides free access to millions of research papers and books without regard to copyright? (PIC)


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