Qwizzeria Daily #463

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1. Using close to 220,000 cubic metres of ice and snow, what Asian country hosts the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival since 1963 during the months of winter?

2. The “Miniatur Wünderland” exhibition is home to the world’s largest model railway. It features 15,400 meters (50,525 ft) of railway track and about 1040 model trains. In what German city is it located?

3. Among what group of people is hongi, a traditional greeting? It is performed by two people pressing their noses together (and forehead) and serves a similar purpose to a formal handshake.

4. This incurable neuromuscular disorder was contracted by a famous American baseball player, Lou Gehrig, that forced him into early retirement. In North America, what condition (3-letter acronym) is popularly known as Lou Gehrig disease?

5. Name this actress who has the distinction of winning the first Best Actress Oscar? (PIC)


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