Qwizzeria Daily #462

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1. Naomi Osaka & Novak Djokovic both won the 2018 US Open & 2019 Australian Open singles. The last time before this happened was in 1995 when which two tennis players won the Wimbledon and US Open singles back-to-back?

2. Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, is the daughter of the titan Pallas and which river?

3. The two sections of the Babylonian Talmud are the Mishnah (a treatise of Oral Laws) and the Gemara (discussions and debates on the treatise). These are the primary source of the laws of what religion?

4. ‘The Cybertruck’ is viewed as a cross between a futuristic car from Blade Runner and a SpongeBob SquarePants character. Which company launched ‘Cybertruck’ in 2019?

5. There has been a debate among many people about a particular sequence in a 1997 movie. In a 2013 episode of MythBusters, this sequence was discussed. Name the movie. – PIC


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