Qwizzeria Daily #458

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Here is the link for today’s quiz, the 458th edition of Qwizzeria Daily. And, if you need questions (in the text) for yesterday’s quiz, scroll down.


Good luck!


1. For the Record is a 2019 memoir by which former prime minister that gives an insight into his life and decisions taken during his term at 10 Downing Street?  

2. Botticelli’s paintings The Birth of Venus and Primavera are in which famous Italian museum?

3. The QLED technology was initially brought into consumer televisions by Samsung, and later thanks to a licensing partnership, other manufacturers use it now. What does ‘Q’ stand for in ‘QLED’?

4. Apple’s Safari was the first to include this feature, and it has since been adopted by other browsers. What nine-letter term is used by Google chrome browsers for their private browsing feature?

5. Portrayed by Edward Fox, this fictional character was created by Frederick Forsyth. The name of the one-word character appears on the novel’s (and film) title. What is the character’s name? (PIC)


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