Qwizzeria Daily #453

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1. Divided into 18 municipalities, with the capital city being Culiacan Rosales, Sinaloa is one of the 31 states and part of 32 Federal Entities of what country?

2. In 1981, John Vane won the Nobel Prize for showing that it suppressed prostaglandins responsible for transmitting information about pain to the brain. It soon became a household name for any product that gave the same result. What is the term coined by Bayer?

3. In 1863, King Christian IX of what country signs the November constitution that declares Schleswig to be part of his country? This was seen as a violation by the German Confederation and eventually leads to the war in 1864.

4. You find it on a hand stress ball or on t-shirts, and nowadays extensively used in smartphones to communicate. What is Harvey Rose Ball’s most famous creation, featured in the 1994 movie Forrest Gump?

5. Who is featured in this artwork? – PIC


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