Qwizzeria Daily #452

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1. This eco-resort on Tetiaroa, an atoll North of Tahiti, is an ecological haven and was formerly owned and still named after what Hollywood legend, who is known for his pivotal role in Godfather I? Marlon Brando

2. Tosca ____ is a South African Canadian filmmaker known for her movie Holiday Engagement, a popular TV movie. Besides, she is the co-founder of the streaming service Passionflix. What’s her popular family name? Musk

3. Inspired by #MeToo, there is an ongoing movement in Japan called #KuToo – a play of two Japanese words referring to the pain caused by wearing what? High Heel

4. The medieval Eltz Castle has been owned and occupied by the same family for over 850 years, spanning 33 generations. In which country is it located? Germany

5. What inter-governmental economic organisation with 36 member countries was reformed in 1961 to aid economic progress and world trade? OECD – PIC


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