Qwizzeria Daily #448

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1. In 1957, the Twin Bridges in Arlington, Virginia, was opened to cater to salesman driving through the DC area. By what name was it marketed?

2. Which British Prime Minister’s paternal great grandfather, Ali Kemal, was Turkey’s interior minister who was murdered in 1922? His son, Osmal Kemal, changed his name taking his mother’s surname and fled to England.

3. After a draught of 2072 days and 118 races, which Formula One team finally appeared on a podium at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, courtesy of the third-placed finish by Carlos Sainz Jr?

4. What Indian and Central Asian rice food item gets its name from the Persian word meaning ‘fried before cooking’?

5. What settlement on Amsterdam Island in northwest Svalbard was founded by Danish and Dutch whalers in 1619 as one of Europe’s northernmost outposts? – PIC


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