Qwizzeria Daily #446

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1. Several airlines claim to have invented this. British Airways simultaneously applied a similar strategy with ‘Club Class’. However, the phrase we most associate with was coined by Qantas in 1978. What phrase?

2. In 1271, which 17-year old European undertook one of the famous business trips, travelled across Asia to take holy oil from Jerusalem to Beijing?

3. Inspired by Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, which European city, in 2010, inaugurated its own walk of fame called ‘Der Boulevard der Stars’?

4. This brewery based in Chiswick was founded in 1845, and it is named after the founder. They own over 380 pubs, inns, and hotels across the South of England, and in January 2019, they sold their beer business to Asahi. What brand?

5. He was nominated multiple times for Nobel Prize in Literature and for Peace Prize. He died of pneumonia at the Astapovo station in 1910. Who? – (PIC)


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