Qwizzeria Daily #444

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1. Portrayed by Danny DeVito in the 1992 film Batman Returns, by what name is the comic villain Oswald Cobblepot, frequently seen carrying an umbrella, better known?

2. After a decision taken in 2014 by the general synod, Libby Lane became the first lady in Jan 2015 to occupy what position in the 480-year history of the Church of England?

3. The name of what desert/region, which crosses the borders of three countries, is derived from a word in the Tswana language meaning, rather appropriately, “the great thirst?”

4.  “Brickfilm” is a subgenre of animated film, akin to claymation, usually made using the stop-motion animation technique and using what material in the place of clay?

5. This is Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress. This photo was taken in 1891 and is a promo shoot for what historical female character? – PIC


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