Qwizzeria Daily #442

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1. Dave Thomas left his adoptive father at 12, took up rooms at the YMCA, dropped out, and eventually opened an eat-out in 1969 at Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the world’s third-largest hamburger chains. What chain?

2. Based on the 1957 Broadway musical inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, identify this multiple Oscar-winning 1961 musical about the gangs the Jets and the Sharks.

3. Each year, on Republic Day (26 January), the Indian government invites a chief guest who is usually a foreign head of the government. On the first occasion in 1950, they invited Sukarno, the then leader of what Asian country?

4. The Monster of _______ is a 2008 book based on a series of actual murders between 1968 and 1985 and involved couples who were killed while having sex in their cars in deserted lanes of what Italian city in Tuscany?

5. Katie Sandwina was one of the strongest women who displayed her strength, defeating men and lifting 300 pounds over her head. She was also known as Lady ________. Fill in the blank. – PIC


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