Qwizzeria Daily #439

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1. The 2019 song ‘SOS’ reached number one on the Swedish charts. It happens to be the first posthumous single of which artist?

2. One of the episodes of the series The Invaders on National Geographic is about hippos. However, these hippos are in the rivers and countryside of Colombia. Who got them to Colombia, given that hippos are native to Africa?

3. Assassinated on February 28, 1986, in the capital city while returning with his wife after watching a film, Olof Palme was the two-term Prime Minister of what country whose assassination is yet to be solved?

4. A contagious viral infection that results in an itchy rash, by what name do we know the disease varicella, which mainly affects children?

5. The ‘Aviator’ line of cards was released in 1927 and are often sold in airports. It was introduced in commemoration of a feat of which famous aviator? – PIC


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