Qwizzeria Daily #438

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1. The original settlement in Texas was called Oneida; it was probably changed to its new name, derived from yellow wildflowers in plenty during spring and summer. What new name was chosen, which is the Spanish word for the colour ‘yellow’?

2. The Grill Room of the Four Seasons restaurant in New York City has long catered to the city’s business elite to the point that in the 1970s, Esquire magazine coined what two-word term to refer to the lunch meetings held there?

3. Founded in 1782 by Rama I, the Chakri dynasty is the current ruling royal house of which country?

4. Named after the oldest man in the Bible, living for 969 years, what term is used for a wine bottle eight times the standard size, i.e. six litres?

5. The Wages of Destruction is a non-fiction book that details the economic history of a regime that ruled in the 20th century. Which regime? – (PIC) 


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