Qwizzeria Daily #437

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1. They printed Bibles in the 16th century and have the contract to print the counterfeit-proof currency notes for Switzerland and the Swiss passports. What organisation is this that turned 500 years in April 2019?

2. The Moors conquered this region in 716 and called it “Al-Gharb Al-Andalus”. It was captured by the Catholic Kings in the 12th century and was critical to the country’s maritime might. Today, it is a major international tourist destination. Which region in Southern Europe is this?

3. The Battle of Aqaba was a battle fought for the Red Sea port of Aqaba. The attacking forces of the Arab revolt were led by Auda ibu Tayi and advised by T.E. Lawrence. In what present-day country is Aqaba located?

4. In this scale, number one is assigned to the mineral Talc, and number 10 is assigned to the diamond. What is the name of this scale used to measure mineral hardness?

5. Erected in the Place de l’Alma in 1989, the ‘The Flame of Liberty’ marked the centennial of the founding of the International Herald Tribune in Paris. In recent times it has become an unofficial monument to which individual, who died nearby in 1997? – (PIC)


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