Qwizzeria Daily #436

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Good luck!


1. What animated series holds the record of winning the most ‘Best Animated Short Film’ Oscars with seven wins out of 13 nominations it received?

2. Which Commonwealth country introduced the dollar as its currency on 14 February 1966 to replace the pound from 1910 to 1966?

3. On the year this person won the second Nobel Prize, whose affair with a married man became public and created controversy in her adoptive country France?

4. What name connects the following: Catherine of Aragon’s father, the designer of Volkswagen Beetle, and the first World War commander-in-chief of the Allied armies.

5. What 2019 movie is adapted from the 2013 Donna Tartt novel of the same name? The title is named after a 1654 painting by Carel Fabritius. – PIC


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