Qwizzeria Daily #434

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1. Which sovereign nation is the only one that speaks Dutch by the majority of the population outside of the Netherlands and Europe?

2. In 1871, the Rugby Football Union was formed. However, their reluctance to go professional forced many players to create their own code, with teams in Yorkshire going against the rules and paid working-class players. What started as a result of this?

3. In 1996, due to his portrayal of Jim Lovell in the movie, Tom Hanks had an asteroid named after him “12818 Tomhanks”. What movie?

4. In the 1950s, this company created a system wherein they could produce a boundless range of colours using fewer inks. However, their most significant contribution was to introduce the colour matching system. What company?

5. Elizabeth Wurtzel died in Jan 2020 is well-known for creating awareness and promoting a national discussion in the US on what topic through her first book in 1994? – (PIC)


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