Qwizzeria Daily #431

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1. What single word did King Louis XVI enter in his diary on the day the Bastille was stormed? It is the French word for nothing, and it happened to be his hunting diary.

2. What Canadian rock band consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger was formed in 1995, and some of their albums include – Curb, The State, The Long Road, Dark Horse, All the Right Reasons, Here and Now, No Fixed Address, and Feed the Machine?

3. In the world of Harry Potter, what folklore bird was Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore’s companion and defender and was instrumental in helping Harry Potter kill the basilisk?

4. What town and a major ferry port in Kent, Southeast England, featured in William Shakespeare’s King Lear, where the town and its cliffs play an essential role?

5. This studio holds the distinction for being the oldest large-scale film studio globally, producing movies since 1912. In which country would you find this studio? – PIC


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