Qwizzeria Daily #430

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1. A four-letter term is given to a type of golf club; a standard set of 14 golf clubs usually contain between 7 and 11 of these distinguished by numbers. What term?

2. Which city hosted the centenary Olympic Games 100 years after it was first held in Athens, Greece?

3. For her role in this 2014 movie, Rosamund Pike drew inspiration from Nicole Kidman’s To Die For, Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct and studied Carolyn Kennedy’s body language and aloof mood. What 2014 movie?

4. As of July 2021, barring France, which country holds the most Tour de France victories with 18 wins by 10 different cyclists?

5. One of his law students took a photo (circa 1846) while he was a member of the U.S House of Representatives; who is this? (PIC)


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