Qwizzeria Daily #427

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1. David Benioff was born in New York and held several jobs, including a bouncer and English teacher, before travelling to Dublin to study Irish Literature. That’s where he met D.B. Weiss, a Chicago native also studying at Trinity College. They developed stories of a writer into a show. Which show?

2. In 1842, the advent of the world’s first genuinely golden lager coincided with the emergence of glass drinking vessels. The combo of these two made quite an impression. Created by Josef Groll, what brand of lager from Czech is this?

3. Born in 2001, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, is the heir apparent (next in line) to the throne of which country? (As of 09 July 2021)

4. Opened on 15 August 1843, what is the second-oldest or third-oldest (depending on which list one wishes to follow) operating amusement park in the world? It is located in Denmark.

5. Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch is the co-recipient of what award, alongside Jan Tinbergen, first awarded in 1969? (PIC)


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