Qwizzeria Daily #422

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Good luck!


1. The writer of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was named after which Norwegian polar explorer?

2. Charles Hardin ______ was a pioneering figure in rock and roll for his singing, guitaring and song-writing, and formed ‘The Crickets’ in 1957. Who?

3. The London and Zürich Agreements took place in 1959 between Turkey, Greece, the United Kingdom and the community leaders that led to the proclamation of what country’s independent status in 1960 (though short-lived)?

4. Which club was the first from the South of England to join the Football League in 1893 and is the first London club to appear in the final of the Champions League football?

5. This is Frédéric Bazille’s 1867 painting Family Reunion. What name is given to the pattern (large, filled circles of the same size) of the dresses worn by the two women in light blue? PIC


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