Qwizzeria Daily #418

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1. What philosophical tradition which translates to ‘the Way’ is considered to be founded by Laozi?

2. This 18th-century love story intertwined with the construction of Convent of Mafra is the background of the 1982 novel Memorial do Convento by José Saramago. Which country’s tourist attraction is the Convent of Mafra?

3. This element was first described by Indian metallurgists in Rasaratna Samuccaya from the 14th century. It had been used as a component of brass since 1000BC in India. Only in 1526 AD did it get its present name, and in 1746 the pure form was isolated. What element plays a significant role in making iron corrosion-resistant?

4. Kristy Coventry has competed at five Olympics from 2000–2016. She happens to be the most decorated Olympian from Africa. She won all (seven out of eight medals) but one of what country’s Olympic medals?

5. These are the selected bird species from Oceania that goes by what collective name? (PIC)


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