Qwizzeria Daily #413

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1. Vyommitra is the first human robot to be developed by the Space Research Organisation of a country. It plans to send the half-humanoid to space in its first unmanned mission under the Gaganyaan Programme. What country?

2. Armenia, Belize, and Malta, all these three countries celebrate their Independence days on September 21. Armenia split from USSR, Belize and Malta achieved independence from which country?

3. Can You Keep a Secret? is a stand-alone novel published in 2003 and was made into a 2019 romantic comedy. Which ‘shopaholic’ author wrote the book?

4. In 1973, which South American country witnessed a coup d’état (backed by Nixon’s USA), the armed forces overthrew the socialist President Salvador Allende, who committed suicide?

5. What Nobel prize-winning writer is featured on this cover of Life magazine? (PIC)


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