Qwizzeria Daily #410

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1. What Swiss cheese, named for a valley of a Swiss canton, is traditionally used in French onion soup & on the classic French sandwich croque-monsieur?

2. The Vatican played Gregorio Allegri’s Miserere, and it was forbidden to be copied. This music piece was kept a secret for 150 years until a 14-year old listened to it and transcribed it from memory. Name this musical genius who produced the first unauthorised copy of this music.

3. In 1813, Juan del Corral declared the independence of Antioquia. Before the 1886 constitution of this country, Antioquia had its own sovereign government. Now, Antioquia is one of the 32 departments (with Medellin as its capital city) of which country?

4. Bhaja Govindam (Praise Govinda) is an 8th-century divine composition famous among specific groups in Hinduism. In what Indo-Aryan language was it composed initially?

5. This is a map of the European Union made by the Budapest ________ Museum, commemorating the introduction of Hungary into the union in 2004. What confectionery item fills the blank? (PIC)


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