Qwizzeria Daily #409

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1. At the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, which movie became the first since 2013 to win the Palme d’Or with a unanimous vote? It went on to achieve a significant first at the 2020 Oscars ceremony.

2. In 2020, the former King Albert II admitted to being the father of artist Delphine Boel after the DNA test returned positive. He was the former king of which country from 1993 to 2013?

3. Anthony Daniels, an Englishman, is the only actor to have appeared in all nine episodes of the Star Wars film series. What role did he play?

4. About which language did Mark Twain once said, “Some ______ words are so long that they have a perspective.” Fill in the blank.

5. In June 2010, this singer and her then-fiancé got matching tattoos inside their right biceps. The tattoo says “Anuugacchathu Pravaham,” which means “Go with the flow” in Sanskrit. Who? – PIC


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