Qwizzeria Daily #407

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Good luck!


1. Which country used a gold currency called ‘Ryo’ as its monetary unit until 1871 and replaced it with yen?

2. Ivica Kostelić and Janica Kostelić are the brother-sister pair who have won many medals in alpine ski racing. Which country did they represent?

3. Out of six wives of Henry VIII, only Anne of Cleves was buried in a traditional royal manner. In which London church?

4. The Battle of Wavre (1815) was a significant military action in Wavre, Netherlands. This was a strategic blocking action that prevented 33,000 French soldiers from reaching another battle. Which battle?

5. The 2020 mystery novel ‘The Killings at Kingfisher Hill’ has what detective created by Agatha Christie play a lead role? – PIC


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