Qwizzeria Daily #405

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1. What mountain range in the Maghreb (Northwest Africa) separates the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert?

2. St. Bride Vase (Men’s singles), Geist Prize (Women’s singles), Iran Cup (Men’s Doubles), W.J. Pope Trophy (Women’s Doubles) Heydusek Cup (Mixed Doubles) are some of the trophies awarded in the world championships of what indoor sport?

3. Which country’s flag was inspired by the colours of the Netherlands and is unique because it differs on its obverse (national coat of arms) and reverse side (seal of the treasury)?

4. What style of Afro-Caribbean music originated in Trinidad is also the name of a song by John Denver, written as a tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his research ship?

5. As per the Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) film rating system, the 1984 John Milius war film Red Dawn was the first movie to be released in the U.S. with what rating? (I need two letters followed by two digits)


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