Qwizzeria Daily #404

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Good luck!


1. What Shakespeare tragedy is set at Dunsinane Castle near Birnam Wood?

2. Gerard is the middle name of which boxer, who, in 1986, became the youngest boxer (at age 20) to win the World Heavyweight Title?

3. Dancing Queen is the 26th studio album by Cher. This album contains cover versions of songs recorded by a pop group and the name referencing their 1976 song. What pop group?

4. Aboukir almond is a sweet produced in the region of Aboukir. The town gets its name from the Arabic meaning ‘Father Cyrus.’ Aboukir is a town on the Mediterranean coast of which country?

5. Name this 2014 coming-of-age movie that depicts the childhood and adolescence of Mason Evans Jr. from ages six to eighteen? The production started in 2001 and finished in 2013. (PIC)


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