Qwizzeria Daily #402

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1. Arket means “sheet of paper” in its local language and is one of H&M Group’s portfolios. Either name the language or the country where this lifestyle brand originates?

2. Cholecystectomy is the name given to the surgical removal of what small hollow organ? This organ receives and stores bile produced by the liver.

3. In 2020, which country unanimously voted in favour of the Period Products bill and thereby became the first country to allow free access to menstrual products, including tampons and sanitary pads?

4. At the beginning of July 2020, Finland’s Air Force Command confirmed it had dropped its use of which controversial emblem?

5. Music is a 2020 musical drama with which singer and musician, who donned the Director’s hat, co-producer, co-writer, story, and music? (PIC)


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