Qwizzeria Daily #398

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1. Only two countries have won the women’s Ice Hockey gold medals at the Winter Olympics. What two countries? (2 points) USA and Canada

2. Troy Barnes is a fun-loving character on the sitcom Community. Played by Donald Glover, how is this Grammy-award winning artist known in the world of music? Childish Gambino

3. Founded in 1919, which European football club plays its home matches at the Stade Louis II in Fontvieille? Their latest league win was in the season of 2016-17. AS Monaco FC

4. The nutritionist Antoine Parmentier’s work drastically changed the relationship people had with food in the 18th century. What vegetable did he primarily promote as a food source for people? Potato

5. Winston Groom died in September 2020. Shown here is the sequel to his 1986 novel. The novel was made into a 1994 movie of the same name. Which novel? Forrest Gump – PIC


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