Qwizzeria Daily #368

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1. Bridgette Wilson is a former Miss Teen USA and later went on to become an actress. She is married to a professional tennis player since 2000, with whom she has two kids. What former #1 tennis player?

2. The Other Report on _________ also known as the TORCH report, was a health impacts report requested by the European Greens in 2006, for the 20th anniversary of what unfortunate disaster?

3. Giovanni Castiglione was appointed as Master of the Italian Tongue in November 1544 and taught Italian to two future monarchs of England. One was Edward VI; who was the other?

4. Which country used kreutzer, thaler, Austrian krone, and heller as their currencies until 1924 when they settled for franc as their official currency?  

5. He had a number one hit in the German pop charts in 1989 and performed on New Year’s Eve 1989 at the Berlin Wall. He has starred in TV series such as Knight Rider and Baywatch. Who? – PIC


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