Qwizzeria Daily #337

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1. The quadripoint border among the countries exists in Africa. Four countries (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) meet at the point on what river?

2. The title of the sixth episode of the first season, “Sic mundus creatus est,” a Latin line plays a prominent role in what acclaimed German-language TV series?

3. This technology war (for a machine) ended in the 1850s ended when Grover, Baker, Howe, Wheeler, Wilson, and Singer pooled their patents to form one corporation. It was the first patent pool in U.S. history. What machine?

4. In 1888, which became the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery, when the Lei Áurea (Golden Law) was signed on behalf of her father by Isabel, Princess Imperial?

5. In the 2000 play ‘The Seven Year Itch,’ who played the role of ‘The Girl’ – a part that helped overcome stage fright? Marilyn Monroe played this role in the 1950s movie. (PICTURE)


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